Ugh. Dating app people are literal psychos. I was in DC last weekend and this annoying guy I went out with a few times was there as well, but I didn't have any intention in meeting up with him because he thought it was normal to snapchat me a picture of him and ten girls last weekend. No thank you sir, and please develop some social awareness.

Please keep in mind that I NEVER bump into people when I visit DC. Literally ever. But of course, on 4th of July weekend, as I'm casually trying to enjoy my tequila sunrise, out pops this annoying dating app person because I guess god hates me.

And it gets worse. He led with a rude comment about the fact that I was buying my own drink (drinks in DC are like, $8, so please keep in mind how odd this statement is). Then, with no transition, he told me that his t-shirt was $300. And finally, he let me know that he wasn't drinking because he was "on so many drugs." 

Ew! These are the three worst things that a person can say.

I was super sweet back because being fake nice is fun. Then I politely excused myself and started making out with one of my friends from college who's taller and richer than him. That was also fun.

Anyway, to conclude the discussion on this murderer, all dating app people are usually able to hide how awful they are for like, three dates max, and then something like this happens. Oh, he also had a tribal tattoo, so that one was maybe my fault for not screening properly.

Whatever, sometimes I get bored. Also how funny would dating someone with a tribal tattoo be? I should do that as a joke. Peace, love, and the Aztec Empire.