So, there has been a bit of an... update to the recent divorced guy post.

Basically, when I wrote that piece, him and I hadn't talked in a while, and on the rare occasions that we exchanged some text messages, he was NOT nice to me, so I did not have much to lose in publicizing the truth about his weird life. 

Warning the world vs. protecting a mean internet stranger's privacy: not a difficult choice.

Two days after I posted it, he friended me on Facebook. I could not tell you WHY for the life of me.

I was curious, so decided to give him a social media olive branch in response, and followed him on Instagram. This was a gold mine. He has three posts thus far. The first two are selfies (he is pouting and they are edited), and the third is a picture of concert tickets with some hashtags about being a #ClassicalMusicAddict. All averaging at about 17 likes. It's not great, but it's also absolutely amazing.

I love when awkward older guys try and get into Instagram and think that it's working. It's just not his lane, but I'm glad that he made an attempt because I needed some joy brought into my Monday morning. Just stick to your own lane! Excel spreadsheets and Lincoln Center!

Oh, anyway, EVERYONE he is following on Instagram is a Russian insta-hoe (please tell me a worse sign about a person), and he apparently has a foreign younger girlfriend who publicly posts about their double dates. 

This is only majorly disturbing because he has gone out of his way to tell me he hasn't had sex with anyone else in over a year, implied that we're dating, and made disapproving comments about the fact that I may have been "texting other guys."

So, basically, I'm not allowed to text anyone of the opposite sex, but he has the full right to flirt with Russian cam girls on the internet and have multiple full fledged relationships.

This. Is. Why. I. Don't Offer. To. Split. The. Check. And I already unfollowed on Instagram.