divorces are funny.

Divorced men fascinate me. I went out with this guy a few times recently, who I weirdly didn't hate at first, until I realized that had been my own error in judgment.

So, I had obviously googled him before we first went out because I didn't want to get murdered. In this process, I discovered that he had gotten married when he was 19, to a 24-year-old woman, and then divorced like 10 years later, so that was fucking enthralling. Please keep in mind that he went to an Ivy, works in finance, and seems very much like a real person now, so such weird behavior is even less excusable. 

Anyway, once I decided that he sucked and I had nothing left to lose, I texted him asking for the story, because I really needed to know. It did not disappoint.

Basically, he met this 24-year old Eastern European girl when he was 18, she emotionally manipulated him, and then they got married a few months into dating because she had an immigration issue. She sounds kind of like an evil genius, to be honest.

Then, she never had a job, he did, she apparently had a full cocktail of personality disorders including ADD and OCD, and sounds like she really sucked overall, so eventually divorce. I mean, no judgment, we all love adderall, but if you're taking adderall and still not even capable of having a job, something is off. Like, literally do anything! Just show up and tap some computer keys for a few hours. A receptionist. An assistant. Something in "digital ad sales." Or "marketing." Or "recruiting." Or "human resources." Whatever the girls are doing these days.

Oh, and I also don't want to forget the other charming quote he provided on this situation below.

"Also, she really let herself go. Maybe if she had been going to the gym every day then that would have helped."

OKAY SIR. I'm a huge believer in being hot as well, but like, when you agree to marry someone, then you've thrown all caution to the wind in terms of superficiality. Like, make sure that your wife is vain and that her mom is still skinny BEFORE you sign the marriage papers. That's how it works. Anything that happens after is what you have to live with as a result of your own poor planning.

This is also the same guy who has sent me text messages complaining that most women don't know how to interact with "elites," told me that he's been to sex parties and wants to start making videos (okay Patrick Bateman), and also thought it was appropriate to share with me that he has a fetish with Russian girls (like, a. please spare me, and b. that is a rude thing to say to someone who isn't Russian. Just fyi.).

He can talk as much shit as he wants, but at the end of the day, he was the one who was married to her for 10 years.

The moral of this story is that both parties involved were complete weirdos, which is probably why they found each other and decided to join forces in the first place. I'd say I wish them both the best, but he's busy fat shaming his ex to a 24-year-old girl via text, and she's apparently now financially leeching off some other unsuspecting male, so I'm not sure they need any encouragement. I wish them both... some self awareness.