The nights that I went out with Cristen were always interesting, to say the least. We would always begin the same way, which was without a plan to go out. After work, we would head to the same Asian restaurant on 52nd street, and order the exact same thing. The salmon sashimi with a side of white rice, and one, two, three glasses of sauvignon blanc. Then, we'd usually walk to Monkey Bar.

We'd split the truffle fries, sometimes a cheese plate, and a few $17 drinks that I couldn't afford. The crowd was always men over 30 who worked in law and finance, and us. After I was too drunk to remember in full, we would always wind up in some sort of conversation with a group that I didn't really want to be speaking with. I had a boyfriend during this entire ridiculous timeline of my life, but he wasn't here, so I wasn't really sure how else I was supposed to be spending my evenings. I didn't want to be sitting at home alone.