The other day, a man who I dated very briefly reached out to me to ask “what my opinions on the Harvey Weinstein situation” were.

To which I replied: do sane human beings have differing opinions on rape?

He then sent me a link to this horrifying article - and I will not be sharing said link because I do not want to give this creepy website ANY publicity - but, please keep in mind that their slogan is: “Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom.”

So there’s that.

They should probably add to the slogan: “…or if you were raised without a certain set of resources and advantages, for your personal and financial exploitation (!!!!).”

Anyway, the article was basically just a shameless promotion of victim blaming, and legitimately says that the 17 year old girl who was drugged by Bill Cosby is at fault because she “went back for more.”

Oh! Ok! That’s what she was doing.

The author also made a charming comment about how her mother wouldn’t have allowed her to go out with an older man, so that’s where the blame should apparently be placed. Because probably about 2% of the people in this world are lucky enough to be born in stable households, and if you’re not, then rapists should be permitted to run rogue and do what they will with you. If a teenage girl has an irresponsible mother, then please, by all means! Feel free to drug and rape her!

When I expressed my dismay with the entire position of this platform to the man who had sent it to me, he explained that “all Harvey Weinstein did was use his power to get women to consent, when they otherwise wouldn’t.” And that’s just “what men do when they get rich!” You know, boys will be boys!

Basically, people who feel this way are weak males who struggle with their insecurity over the fact that they feel dependent on women for sex, and are mad that they’re not entitled to have this whenever they so desire. It’s concerning.

He also made a comment about how a V[agine] is a lock and a D[ick] is a key, and that, as a man, you want to have a key that can unlock all locks.

Just to be clear here: comments like this are very enlightening as to why certain men view women as objects. 

And then, as this man also liked to point out, this article was written by a woman, which he claimed apparently served as proof that it was “pro women.”

There are MANY women who actively contribute to the anti-feminist narrative by bringing down other females around them in countless ways, referring to women who enjoy sex as whores, saying that girls who wear crop tops are “asking for it,” and labeling all women who are comfortable with their sexuality as manipulative seductresses whose only possible motivation for this is to “sleep their way to the top.”

No, sorry, hate to break it you, but I just enjoy sex because I am a human being, and I enjoy wearing crop tops because my stomach is flat. Sorry that there aren’t any other ulterior motives there for you to chastise me with.

In conclusion: if you are victim blaming, you are actively part of the problem here. And if you are defending a rapist, you should think about what that says about you. That is all.