homewrecker af

Hey Nikki,

Ok, so I'm about to sound like a total loser, but I'm super depressed about my most recent breakup. My boyfriend of two years cheated on me with a girl four years older than us (we're 26, she's 30), and then broke up with me and started dating her right away. They live right nearby me in midtown and keep posting the WORST instagrams of them at Brother Jimmy's and her parents' house in upstate Connecticut (I guess his parents are paying for everything because he doesn't even currently have a job). It kills me. I want to be over it already, but I keep feeling like it's my fault for not being good enough or something, because he always had major commitment issues. I just want to not be jealous.

Love youuu,
A girl who is OVER it


Hi Brandi Glanville,

Oh my god. Ew. These people suck and none of this is your fault.

Anyone who wants to start a relationship with someone who they actively stole away from another woman is already highly suspicious and on a lower playing field in terms of intelligence.

I hate to state the obvious, but any guy who does that to one girlfriend will do it to anyone. It means he's opportunistic and completely devoid of a moral backbone. Are those attractive character traits? That's what I thought. Does it seem like a smart decision to invest your time in dating someone with no value system? 

So, this girl is either an idiot, super desperate, or into him for purely superficial reasons (and he sounds like a loser, so the latter option would be a stretch). This is not someone you should lose sleep over.

They're probably spending their days going to gross bars in Murray Hill and white trash weddings in places like South Carolina, while he flirts with the 22 year old cocktail waitress whenever she's too oblivious to notice.

And if you said he has commitment issues, he's going to be really concerned in two years when she's begging for a ring because she's almost too old to have children, and his life is still being fully subsidized by his parents. Not. A. Good. Combination.

Also, unnecessary side note on her origins, but unless you're from Greenwich or a few other very select towns, Connecticut is honestly weird AF and full of poor white people who all probably went to colleges you haven't heard of (if they went at all). So I wouldn't worry about her too much either. She's probably from a town called Farmington.

And even if they do get married, watching ex's get divorced is SO fun. I'm waiting for a few of those myself.