Was that the problem? Was it that my mind worked too quickly? God, what a problem to have. Phillip used to always tell me that I thought too fast, which I, of course, had always taken as a compliment. But was it for that same reason that I was destined to feel perpetually unsatisfied, and cursed by overthinking? I knew that my drinking had always been to slow my mind. God, I couldn't even imagine beginning to explain this to Luke. He would think I was insane.

I wanted to go out tonight. Actually, I needed to go out tonight. My best bet of a companion for such a mission was a guy I had been texting from the League, whom I had yet to meet. But it was pushing 4 pm, so it looked like I was most likely enjoying another solo evening. Drinking alone was starting to become a bit too routine of a pattern, so it would have been ideal if I could have figured out a way to pretend that the necessity of doing so was purely normal social behavior. Unfortunately, the functional alcoholism title would have to be used instead. I mean, whatever, at least the word functional is positive.

Nikki, age 24

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