living in fantasy.

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? How did that feel?

Do you remember when you first learned to drive? The day you received your license? What were you told? When a cop pulls you over, what do you do immediately? Was it that you put your hands in full sight, so that they have no reason to shoot you? No? I didn't think so.

What about your first job? Putting together your resume? Were you ever told putting that your own fucking name on it may lessen your chances of getting the position? 

Did anyone ever scream at you during your childhood? I would assume so, right? It happens. What did they say? Were you told that you couldn't scream back? Because this is just "how the world is." You "won't win." You're supposed to suffer in silence, because that is how the world works. Apparently.

Have you ever been told that you don't deserve something? Something that you worked so hard for? That you're only at this college because of "affirmative action?" Forget the fact that you're all taking the same classes. Never mind the fact that you have a 4.0. That's not relevant. You, apparently, don't deserve to be here. Because of how you look. It's the same story.

Have you ever felt as though every personal failure contributes towards proving a point that you've spent your entire existence fighting against? That these prove what society has been betting against you, for all of these years? Have you ever felt like that? Have you?

Have you ever been told to "not be so angry?" Or that your own emotions are "confirming a stereotype?" Or to not be too soft? It's a tough world out there, you know. Have you been told that as well? Don't be too angry, don't be too kind, don't be too reactive, but be reactive enough. Don't let people walk all over you. But, be careful. You can never be careful enough. Don't let anyone know how tough it is. But don't let people think you're beneath them, either. Have you ever been told that?

Be proud of where you're from. But not too proud. Just laugh it off. But don't be complicit. You're part of the problem now. But, you said something. How did you think people would react? Did you expect them to take kindly to it? No? Then why did you speak? Why didn't you speak? Why didn't you say anything? Why did you say too much?

Separate, but equal. The same, but different. Invited to the party, but always, always inferior. By right of birth. That's how it works, isn't it? Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever felt scared? Have you ever been bullied? For sport? Have you ever been threatened? Have you ever been shot at? Have your parents ever been threatened? Physically assaulted? Treated like objects? Murdered? Have you ever even noticed that these things happen? Or were you too busy playing golf to notice? Or shopping? I know that it can be frustrating when you miss a good sale at the mall.

Have you ever opened your fucking eyes? Or have you ever even wanted to? Or was ignorance too comfortable? I understand that a fantasy land can be a pleasant place to live.