An open letter to all Trump supporters who keep asking me to “leave politics out of it”


Just because there seems to apparently have been some sort of confusion, let’s make one thing very clear here: I happen to despise Donald Trump and everything that he stands for.

And if I feel the need to throw in a (well-deserved) Trump supporter joke to my writing, I’m going to. I honestly consider it a compliment whenever someone with a FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE OF THE NRA LOGO decides to chime in and criticize me. Like, THANK YOU. I want absolutely NOTHING in common with you.

And if you did like me, I would think there was something VERY wrong with me. So, again, thank you for your disapproval. 

Also, why should I abstain from involving politics in my writing? Sorry if I missed something, but are we in a board meeting at work? Or at my in-laws' dining room table? No? Last time I checked, we were on a personal website that I happen to own, so if I want to involve politics, then I will. And if that’s offensive to you, then please kindly shut the fuck up, and do not show up in my life or watch what I’m doing. You’re here by choice.

If you love guns, that’s great for you. I, unfortunately, have no control over that. I personally find this to be a completely irrational, misguided, and [void of any sort of intuition] belief, but that’s just me. Apparently, I’m supposed to apologize for offending anyone now!

Some other things that I’m not into: institutionalized racism and sexism. Again, sorry if that’s offensive! And I am SO sick of Trump supporters marching around, claiming that they’re not personally for these causes, throwing out the Monica Lewinsky card[1], and acting as though that is some sort of a sound argument. I’m sorry, but are you an actual moron? Are you suggesting that we go back and forth and make a sexual discretion tally between each political party? Like, if that’s the new caliber, you’ll lose that one too, but happy to humor you!

Anyway, we have veered from the point. The point is that the Republican Party is currently ACTIVELY ENACTING LAWS that directly oppress minorities and women, and prevent them from ever being able to have an equal standing in society. If you want to have an offline discussion about this, please email me (instead of commenting on this and calling me a dumb cunt, I don’t love that tbh. Nor am I receptive to it.), but I don’t have the time to turn this into a 20 page paper just for the sake of listing some basic, publicly available facts.

Like, I’m glad that you’re able to make your own decisions and apparently don’t give a fuck about certain social issues that mandate that everyone in our country is treated like a human being. That’s not my vibe, and if you want to show up and spew all of your bullshit, Trump propaganda, please just save us all some time, and don’t. I will be blocking you. And probably embarrassing you first.

If you paid any sort of attention throughout this past election, you would have been very AWARE of all of the blatantly racist, sexist, and just straight up illogical, incorrect, and erratic things that this man said during that time. And ever since then, too.

Anyway, if I’ve learned anything over that past few years of my life, it’s that there are very many people on this earth that unfortunately cannot be reasoned with, and I cannot waste my life/breath/youth/time at happy hour attempting to do so. I’m glad that I was born with my brain, and not yours. And we will leave it at that.

Regardless of what you say, and however much you want to claim that the Clintons are the true antichrists (they’re not.), you are the one aligning yourself with WHITE SUPREMACISTS (!!!!!!). Like, it’s not a debate. It’s like, you’re either a good person, or you’re not. Sorry if that’s offensive… but it’s true.

If you feel weird or angry about that, then I suggest looking in the mirror. Or maybe reading the news. I’m just the messenger here.

Have a nice day!

[1] Just to clarify here, I am a huge Monica Lewinksy fan/obsessor/supporter, and personally believe that the entire way that trial played out was entirely unfair to her in every single way possible. And Linda Tripp is a bitch who needs to get a life.