questionably ghosted?

Dear Nikki,

I've been dating this guy for about a month, and idk if I'm being ghosted or not. I live in the city, we met on bumble, and we've been having weeknight sleepovers.

He went on vacation to Maryland for the past five days, and hasn't texted the entire time. I reached out to tell him to have fun on his trip, and he didn't respond, but I think he might just be busy and not actually ghosting. Am I overreacting or should I assume the worst here?

Questionably Ghosted


Dear Charlotte from Sex and the City,

Um, sorry to be blunt, but who cares?

If this guy doesn't know how to send a text for five days, then what else doesn't he know how to do? This is the same person who is going to forget your five year wedding anniversary and act like it's not a big deal, so at this point my recommendation is that you should be the one ghosting him. Delete the number. Send him a venmo request for a fake abortion cost. Anything. He sucks.

Like, I've thrown fits for not receiving hourly texts from a man who was on a weekend trip to Hong Kong. And I stand behind them. 

At the end of day: there are other interested parties. Interested parties who know how to send a simple text message. You sound like you're still young enough to find a new mate. Good luck and god bless.

Also, I'm sorry, but who goes on vacation to Maryland? Genuinely curious.