The word tease.

Is bullshit. The last time I heard this word was in high school. Desperate guys love it. I'm pretty sure they think that slinging an insult is the best way to coerce you into hooking up with them? It's concerning.

If a male ever says this word to you: ignore, block, rinse, repeat. Do not dignify it with a response.

Here's some basic common knowledge that I would hope all humans already know: Being nice does not make you a tease. Gracing a male with a few seconds of your conversation does not make you a tease. Not wanting to have sex with someone does not make you a tease.

If I'm a tease you're not working hard enough. Slash I don't like you.

Beyond that, it's a pathetic attempt at a manipulation strategy used by someone who thinks you're dumb enough to cave to it. So best of luck to them.